Women Who Indulge in Frequent Sex Tend To Look Younger

While most women understand the role that sex plays in improving the relationship with their spouse or partner, a lot of them areA happy young woman not aware there are some other physical benefits that frequent sex has for them. A large number of women indulge in sex out of a sense of obligation or procreation and not for pleasure.

The health benefits include reduction of stress, improving the immune system and of-course helps loose a bit of weight by burning calories. If these benefits are not enough to motivate them, Here is another one that is sure to catch their eye, according to Dr. Greenblatt who sites a study at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital says that “Women who had sex at least four times a week were scored as looking up to 10 years younger than their actual age,” she says. “While pleasure and intimacy with your partner should be a primary motivation to have sex, the health and wellness benefits are a big bonus.”

There are a lot of excuses (most of which are legitimate) that a women can have to not have sex frequently with their partner, but making time for this activity improves the overall quality of not only their relationship but also their general health and their looks. There are very few pleasurable activities that are out there which can boast the same.

Open communication with their partner and good time management are important to be able to increase the frequency of sexual activity (multiple times a week) in a relationship. The above mentioned benefits should be more than enough encouragement for them to start changing their attitude towards sex.

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