You Don’t Have to Have Sex Every Day to Feel Awesome

Couple in their bed

A psychology journal published a study that measured happiness levels after sex.

The report was based on questioning 214 newlywed couples about their sex life and general feelings of satisfaction, both just after marriage and six months later.

The newlywed couples reported that they had sex four days during a span of two weeks. Some felt happy and content (also known as sexual afterglow) only on the day they had sex, while some experienced the afterglow for two days thereafter.

Six months later, the same couples were interviewed. In general, happiness about the marriage went down, but those who felt higher sexual afterglow for two days after sex were better off.

The journal noted the two-day happiness period might have a biological basis, as men need three days to get sperm levels back to normal after sex.

Read the full article here:
Here’s Why You Don’t Have to Have Sex Every Day to Feel Awesome – Men’s Health

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